This Angel Zodiac Reading For Aquarius brings forth Raziel, the Angel of Supreme Mysteries, of new paths in life and of knowledge.

It is suggested that Angel Raziel is the recorder of all Earth and Celestial Knowledge. Raziel rebuilds that which is broken or destroyed and for this reading symbolizes a need for change and challenge in life in order to revitalize the path of life in the future.

It is time to re-invent yourself and come out of the rut you have been in. The conflict you have is with yourself and it is time to resolve the conflict and find your confidence, as there is an adventure just around the corner for you to embark upon. This will be in the interest of learning and self development………….. you will learn much from this if you accept it with Love and Light.
This reading also shows the card dedicated to the Angel of Free Will, known as Angel Tabris…….. all Angels are true advocates in Universal Free Will and the Law of Karma, and we do not put this to use as much as we should.

All mankind and the Angelic Realm possess Free Will and it’s now time for choice………. to rise above that which holds you back, to come out of that stale, stagnant place of darkness………. to pull yourself up to the light that is creeping in. It is up to you to face the light and move towards the door that opens up a new future and destiny for you to explore.
Your decisions come with consequences at times, but if you keep your faith, ask the Angels to guide you, your destiny will become apparent.

The third Angel in this reading is Arch-Angel Gabriel and the ruler of the Moon. It is a well known fact that the Moon affects the oceans tides and considering we are 90% water, the Moon also affects us as humans, especially the feminine energy, and reinforces the feminine energy side of all personalities…… male and female.

Angel Gabriel is offering balance in your life……. the Yin/Yang polarities that we all process…….. our intuition, our decision and analyzing skills etc.

This is the time for you to bring balance into your life which will enable more decisive decision making and more of the confidence you need to propel you forward on the path of self-development.
A wonderful crystal to use at this time is Moonstone, it works in harmony with the Moon cycles. Try sitting outside under the growing Waxing Moon ( 3 days leading up to the Full Moon) and then the night of the Full Moon with your Moonstone and put out to the Universe your intention…… state it as clearly as you can, with the belief and intention that it will happen for you. Release it to the Energy of the Goddess Moon and then go about your life strong in the belief that the Universe has your best intentions…… have faith and let it go.

Other good crystals to use at this time are Selenite, Rose-Quartz and Green Tourmaline, but you don’t have to have all of these, use your intuition.

You will come up against those who will try and point out the positive and negative of the changes you are trying to bring into your life and the path you wish to follow…….. don’t be deterred…… smile, nod and thank them for their input. Stay true to yourself first and for most and the destiny you see out in front of you. Keep your balance, even when you encounter ups and downs, go with the experience and all it offers you even when it seems difficult. It is all in the experience of life and many good experiences will come your way if you remain open to them. This includes relationships that you will encounter.

The Angels in this reading are inviting you to embark on the path to find your true self and find wholeness in your life. Don’t be afraid to ask for their help and guidance, they actually do tend to gravitate towards those who ask for help on a regular basis……. try it and see for yourself!

Follow the light of life, see yourself surrounded with White Light and release the darkness when-ever it creeps in.

Trust and believe in yourself, listen to your intuition, be the wonderful person that you were born to be……

Love and Light to you…..

Blessed Be…..

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