This Angel Zodiac Reading is for Aries and brings forth the star Angel Machidiel who helps with making serious decisions and moving on with one’s life…… Your issues with your self-esteem need to be addressed and soon, procrastination will not be your friend with these issues!
You need to look at your individuality and the wonderful things that brings with it in your honour and favour, you are much to hard on yourself, ease up, take a deep breath and the fog will start to clear. You can be very brave when the need arises and so you should be brave enough to see the gifts you have to offer and move forward.
Machidiel is there for you, you only have to ask and trust……. you are always there for others with wonderful advise and very capable of helping someone in need with great results, now Machidiel is here to help and guide you to be brave enough to take your own advice and adapt it to your problems.Aries
You work well on your own but rarely pat yourself on the back for a job well done, and you can be determined to get the job done when you want to successfully. Being an Aries Ram you can be head strong and stubborn, but also trusting and always there for others, even when it’s not in your best interests.

Angel Bethany has come forth in this reading as well and brings with her inspiration, some what like a muse, she wishes to show you how to be kinder to yourself and trust in your gut instincts, as they are often very right…….. you are the one second guessing yourself. The inspiration to do what you want in your life is within you, just trust and move forward. Emotionally you are passionate about those close to you, you are a kind, loving and understanding person and show it in many ways with those in your close circle.
Angel Bethany is here to show you your advanced Spiritual side, (whether you realise you are or not) your Higher Self is waiting to be explored and this will strengthen your fragile self-esteem. You tend to be let down by those who can sometimes take advantage of your helpful nature and that has an on-going affect on your self-esteem……. don’t take on the short comings of others, you are better than that, shake it off and look forward, be strong and ask your Angels to guide you.
You feel the need for the approval of others and this can add to your insecurity, you find yourself working over-time to gain the love and approval of others……… go within yourself and give yourself the approval and validation to love yourself first and formost and thus the rest will follow. Try not to listen to others when they are not happy or ready to cast their problems onto you or blame you for something they should own. Bethany asks that you cast back that which is not of your doing and do not be anyone’s scape-goat.

Beautiful Angel Airele is here to help show you your Destiny and to look to your Higher Consciousness for strength to open up your life to new adventures. You will find much satisfaction in the Spiritual aspects of the New Age Movement, you have alot of untapped knowledge, be brave enough to have a go. Your Aura is bright when you are happy and doing what you enjoy, but tends to come in and cling to you when you are unhappy and fearful. Angel Airele is guiding you to the use of some Crystals to aid you if you are comfortable with them……. Rose Quartz is number one to help you open your heart and bring warmth to you. Bloodstone to help you cleanse the clutter in your life and free you to move forward. Selenite to aid you with your Spiritual life and Soul, to clear the pain and discomfort you regularily experience, and Amethyst to bring you peace of mind, body and soul.

Your Angels are always with you…….. you just have to ask and trust that they have your well-being under their wings. When you are unsure, just find a few minutes to be alone, under the night sky and simply tell your Angels what you require them to help you with, leave it with them and trust, don’t spend time worrying about it, ask for a sign and it will come…….. most of all, be kind to yourself, you are much better than you think you are and alot further along the Reincarnation pathway than you will ever realise.

Goddess Blessings to you, always…… Blessed Be.


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