This Angel Zodiac Reading is for Cancer, the Crab…….
The 1st Angel drawn for this reading is Tuala, the angel of patience and of the love of our Mother Earth and Nature. Most people see you as a quiet and sometimes withdrawn soul, but this tends to hide the strong and sometimes out spoken person you can be……. sometimes this can be effective in getting your point and views across especially when others are trying to speak over you…… you can be quite abrupt, but you need to be otherwise you tend to re-treat back into your shell and it can take some coxing to get you out!
For your loved one’s you are a solid rock of love, understanding and compassion, but at present you are feeling the strain of someone close to you that you can’t help, you want to but it is time to step back and let them grow up and take responsibility for their own life and path. You can still be there as back up if they fall, but for now you need to let go.
Angel Tuala is asking you not to be over possessive and compulsive…… you tend to love material possessions, sometimes to your own detriment. This is your lower self rising above your highest self…… this needs some restraint so as not to get out of hand. On the other hand, the angels see that you can be very generous with others also, especially family and close friends. Tuala is asking you to listen to your inner self and communicate with the angels more often.
The next Angel coming to you is Phanuel, the angel of divine attunement and strength. There is a personal issue that is affecting your Heart Chakra and your ability to forgive something that has affected you greatly…… This is affecting you personally to the point of your Heart Chakra closing to avoid hurt, mis-trust and emotional pain. Phanuel is asking you to resolve that which is affecting you so greatly rather than just shutting down, and like the typical crab…… hiding in your shell.
Phanuel will support and guide you in your quest to fix this and will be there for you when you emerge out the other side. The key is to be the bigger person and rise above it and meet the other person half way, if they will not or unable to do this, then you must let go for your own sake and Spiritual growth, otherwise you will be held down by it and suffer in the long run…….. trust your angels and ask for guidance and help when-ever you need it.
The last card is that which reflects the angel drawn to the Lotus, the card of Higher Self and overcoming adversity. This card connects with the Earth Chakra and your connection with Mother Earth and your power to over-come anything in your way if you make up your mind to.
The Angels are trying to assure you that you will re-solve your pain, you will reconnect again and open your heart to the light of love and life. The Angels are asking you to envisage the Magenta colour ray of light and Meditate with this colour to strengthen you on your journey…….. You will shine…….. Goddess bless you on your journey.
Blessed Be…….. Love and Light…….

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