Your Angel Zodiac Reading shows that Angel Uriel is around you at this time, he is the Angel of Fire and Alchemy. This is a time of creativity, healing and transformation. This is a time for you to overcome conditions that have been holding you back, Uriel brings forth acceptance, healing and salvation for you to step forward and move into the New Year with confidence and love.Capricorn
The Angel Haniel is also present and as the ruler of Venus, the Magenta Ray and the crystal Emerald, brings cleansing and energy to the Chakra’s. The energy of the Magenta Ray will bring you back to nature and Mother Earth, nurturing you back to simplicity and guiding you to take notice of the things that we all take for granted…… Spend time outdoors in the garden, at a park, or sitting quietly under a blanket of stars. Envisage the deep green colour of the Crystal Gem Emerald or Malachite, feel it surrounding you and gently healing you at this time. There is no judgement, just Universal love and the commitment to ones Higher Self.
There is also a need for balance……. Do not over commit yourself to anything or anybody if your not feeling 100%. Take time for yourself to heal, especially if the last 12 months have been hard on you. There has been some constriction to your Soul, (whether you are aware of it or not). There were times of darkness in your life in the last 12 months, but with the New Year your Soul is needing to expand and find Harmony and Balance. As you move thru this year you should find inner peace and tranquility…….Try not to see everything in black and white, look past that and open yourself up to the beauty all around you, this will bring you closer to the Universal light and understanding.
Believe in Destiny and Free Will, they are both within your grasp if you believe in yourself….. Look to your personal power and what that means to you and how it affects your day to day life and choices, whether it be in your employment, friendships, relationships, partnerships, home-life or health. Within you as a Capricorn is the knowledge to embrace your Free Will and make positive life choices.
With communication, encouragement, hope and commitment you can move forward and expand your personal horizons. Just remember to take personal time for yourself to reconnect from time to time. Utilize meditation with the Crystals Malachite, Emerald, Jade, Obsidian, black and white Agate, and Rose Quartz. You do not need to have all of these crystals, just one or several of your choosing if you wish.
This is your Angel Zodiac Reading For Capricorn……. 2014
May you have a wonderful year………. Blessed Be.

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