This Angel Zodiac Reading is for Gemini, The Twins & brings forth the amazing Angel Melchisadec of light and peace and spiritual awareness. He is essentially the Highest Guide of the Angelic Realm and Mankind, he shines with a bright purple light of the highest purpose, healing and wholeness.
In this reading he is trying to guide you to experience your inner spiritual awareness, even tho you doubt you have it, you do, you need to believe in yourself more and stop listening to the negative chatter of others…….. you need to heal your lower self in order to investigate that which awaits you on a spiritual level…….. the wholeness of body, heart, soul and mind need to be in balance and harmony.
Melchisadec is offering you his healing purple light to draw thru your entire Chakra system which will cleanse you and enable you to empower yourself…… try to Meditate for 10 minutes each day for the next 9 days and just invisage the rich purple light enveloping you as you breath and moving thru you from your head thru to your toes and back again.. Once you master this you will understand what you are to do next and feel enlightened and whole.
The next Angel that comes thru is Macheliel and this delicate but strong angel is asking you to move forward also in the quest for enlightenment…….. again this angel can feel your resistance but if you can just let go and give yourself over to freedom of Spiritual Enlightenment, you will be very surprised how easy it is and how much easier life will be for you. It’s your own negative mindset and your feeling of being inadequate that’s holding you back.
Like the Zodiac Aries you can be stubborn when it comes to change, but by letting go a little, your mind will expand to broader levels and free you! You tend to trust and believe the wrong people instead of trusting yourself…….. and who knows you better than you?
Macheliel is asking you to listen to your heart and don’t be dragged down by the imput of others as to what you should or shouldn’t be doing in and with your life! Don’t rush yourself and don’t even confide in others as to what you are doing…… just move thru the motions and ask these angels for guidance, protection and wisdom. Also look for the crystals Bloodstone and Amethyst to use when Meditating.
The next card for this reading is a magnificent card to draw, it is the Phoenix……. what a magical card this is to recieve! The huge power of the ever rising Phoenix is the mystical bird that always rises above adversity and all that holds you back. Also known as the Sacred Flame, the Phoenix will lift you up to Divine Enlightenment once you have done the hard yards of re-training your mind-set. It is time to re-lease the shackles of your old life and face up to new and exciting challenges……. again, trust yourself and go with it, find your happiness and your niche in this life, you are really the only one holding yourself back!
The Phoenix is there to show you that all will be ok and that the essence of who you are will shine thru for all others to see and the joy of your life path is everlasting light.
Be brave, you can do it!
Blessings on your new path……
Love and Light to you……

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