This Angel Zodiac Reading is for Leo, the Mighty Lion……. and the 1st Angel that comes forth is one of my adored Angels, Arch-Angel Micheal, the Ruler of the Planet Mercury and the angel of immense strength, truth and protection.
A/Angel Micheal is often visualised in his cobalt blue cloak and sword, he is the great warrior protecting the Universe againsts the darkest forces and cutting thru the darkness with Topaz light.
He comes to you to help you over-come a crisis in your life at this time, he implores you to deal with it with grace, dignity and patience…….. and not to go over-board with dramatising the situation, which effectively will make it much worse than it already is. You tend to roar at inappropriate times and get yourself in deeper than you already are! Micheal is saying you have it within you to deal with it properly and then release it, so it doesn’t come back at you again and again. He will give you all the help and strength you need, just ask, it’s that simple, and trust……
As an angel of truth he is asking you to own up to your part in this crisis and be ready to handle the critisism that is due. In order to get past it and heal, you need to step up, be a proud lion and take a tap on the nose! You need to work with the colours Topaz and Sapphire to help you along your Spiritual path.
Next card drawn aligns with the Angels of the Sacred Symbols……. it works mainly with the Base (Earth) Chakra and the Solar Plexus Chakra which holds all our pain, resentment, anger, disappointment, sadness etc.
Please be aware of your Solar Plexus health at this time, you are holding onto something that can potentially have implications with your over-all health. Holding onto resentment especially can act as poison in out subtle systems…… we need to cleanse, release and move on without regret.
The Angels of the Sacred Symbols are asking you to heal now before the damage is done and harder to reverse. Focus on your Spiritual Self and healing at this time, release your anger now and move forward with strength and security. These Chakra’s need to be cleansed, released and re-charged……. pull on the bright golden light of the Solar Plexus, see it cleansing and pushing thru any blockage…….. push thru to the deep red hue of the Base Chakra and then release it all back to the Earth.
Open your Crown Chakra (like a lotus flower) and envisage beautiful full White Healing Light coming thru the crown of your head and moving thru your body, Chakra by Chakra until it flows out thru the souls of your feet and back to Mother earth. Having worked your way thru this you will be able to move forward and focus on your spiritual health and bodily well-being. Take as much time as you need to do this, you will know when you feel right again.
Pay attention to what you are and are not eating, you need to nourish your body with more balanced food groups and drink more water……. sleep is also something you are not getting enough of…… try and relax more, be kind to yourself…… no matter what you think or feel, you are important to the Angels and the Greater Universe.
Purchase (if you are able) the crystals Citrine, Orange Calcite, Hematite, Green Aventurine and Clear Quartz….. (do not sleep with Clear Quartz, it’s peizio-magnetic and likely to keep you awake.)
Blessings to you along your journey……. hold your head high Mighty Lion.
Universal Love and Light.

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