This Angel Zodiac Reading is for the Star Sign of Libra and brings with it an angel that doesn’t seem to come thru very often but when he does it is with a real purpose…… this wonderful angel is Sebastion. He has come thru to help you deal with a very difficult time in your life when every-one is looking to you for answers, guidance and support with a family’s sad time…… Whether this be an illness in the family, an impending passing of a loved one or friend, or a difficult person in your life causing you much upset, pain and sleepless nights.Libra
He asks that you step aside for a short time and take time out for yourself to get every-thing right in your own heart and mind before you try and be the strong shoulder for every-one else (as is the usual for you) (you tend to be there for every-one else at difficult times) and this can and does leave you drained, tired and without a shoulder to lean on!
Also Arch-Angel Uriel is coming thru and is also concerned that you are wearing yourself to thin…… Some how you need to take off some-where for a short time and just breathe, drop your shoulders and relax. Shake off the stress that consumes you and prioritize every-thing so you can and will cope better. You are the strong one, you are the head of reason that the family and your friends turn to in times of turmoil and pain, but you must take time out and revitalize yourself and put you first, so that you can be strong when called upon.
Once you get thru this difficult time things will start looking up and you will realize why this had to happen, they say there is a reason for everything and you will be enlightened as to why you had to go thru this…….. Again, ask for Sebastion’s help and guidance, he will enlighten you. Go out under the next Full Moon and open your heart to Sebastion and just ask, it doesn’t matter how you do it, however it comes to you just go with it, he will listen…… trust……..
Arch-Angel Uriel shows that you have much patience and tolerance and for-thought for others….. this is a very special part of you and the part that people recognize as an outstanding part of your nature. This makes you a child of Universal Energy and the Universe will look after you,….. always…… again just trust.
What-ever comes your way, what-ever you are dealt, you have what it takes to deal with the situation and come out on top. Hold your head up, be strong and know the Angels are there for you……… you just have to ask.
Goddess Blessings to you always…….

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