This Angel Zodiac Reading brings with it Three Arch-angels which makes this a very powerful month for Pisces. The 1st card drawn was Arch-angel Micheal who brings with him strength, truth and protection. He is the ruler of Mercury and the guardian of the celestial heavens.

I call upon Micheal often and he is depicted in a long cobalt blue cloak  and carrying a large sword…… When called upon he is quick to cut thru the darkness and bring new light and truth. He also irradicates negative energy when needed and brings calm to your life. In this reading he sees that you have something to release, something you have been carrying with you and  holding onto for sometime. It is time to let it go and Micheal is here to help you…… just ask. He will also give you the strength to stop the problem from arising again…… just trust……. and know he is guiding you. PiscesYou need to be true to yourself, to release that which is holding you back and allow Micheal to protect and guide you with his true light and protection.

Arch-angel Uriel has also come forth in this reading and he is the ruler of the planet Uranus. Uriel is the angel of transformation and freedom. He is known as the Alchemy Arch-angel and he brings with him the courage you require to transform yourself and your life. He has the power and fire within for you to ignite your soul-being (the essence that gives you life) again. As with Arch-angel Micheal, Uriel can see that you have kept something bottled up and that it is time to let it go……. forgive yourself or somebody else.

You cannot grow whilst you hang onto that which causes your procrastination……. your freedom is within reach and it comes with untapped creativity that you have locked away inside you. You can ask for his help with matters pertaining to love in your life or the well-being of a friend, loved one or family as well.

Uriel has the energy to clear and re-energise your Chakra’s……… clearing any blockage that has built up over time…… especially the lower 3 Chakra’s. These are the Solar Plexus, the Sacral and the Base Chakra’s. When Meditating or sitting quietly in a warm bath, imagine the vibrant colour of energy for the Solar Plexus which is yellow, orange for the Sacral and red for the Base (Earth chakra) filtering thru your body and taking the blockage with it. These 3 Chakra’s are where we tend to bury and hold onto our pain, emotional baggage, resentment, loss, guilt etc. Because of this, illness tends to manifest and fester in those Chakra’s the most.

Uriel wants you to let go of your pain and free yourself so you can move onto the life that you yearn for…….. from this your creative side will blossom and grow, and from this you will find love, peace and happiness.

The 3rd Arch-angel that comes thru in this reading is Raphael, this angel brings balance and grounding. Raphael intergrates you with your Higher Self and Spirituality…… he also balances the Yin/Yang (male/female) energy within. He sees that your Heart Chakra is in need of help, that as a Piscean your heart tends to rule your head! Pisceans are well known for their soft, emotional,gentle nature and thus the heart chakra can come under fire with a battering of emotional stress and pain, usually from a romance!

Raphael is instructing you to take time for yourself, to meditate and release your pain…….. close your eyes and see yourself thru your Third Eye Chakra (between your eyes ), releasing your emotional pain, or releasing the person that is the cause of your pain. Release it/them with love and recognise that with this you are empowering yourself and thus growing and finding balance within you  and your life.

The 4th card drawn brings the beautiful Angel Lotus Flower……… this card is dedicated to your Heart Chakra, love and healing. In this most of your chakra’s have come into affect and link you to your Higher Spiritual Self and your Crown Chakra ( at the top of your head) is where the lotus flower opens it’s beautiful petals and links you to your Higher Self, The Universe, The Realm of Angels and All Knowledge and Being…………..

The lotus is the symbol of eternity and the key to the human heart; in this reading the angel of the lotus (as with the other 3 angels) is helping you resolve your pain, to forgive, heal and re-open your heart chakra. Imagine your Crown Chakra (top of your head) is a lotus flower, see it open gently and allow the Pure White Light from the Universe to filter in and work it’s way down thru your body…….. cleansing and re-energising each chakra. As it goes thru you will be surprised how good you feel and how re-freshing a chakra cleansing is. Take time for yourself, find some-where peaceful where you will not be interrupted and just relax……..

The angels in this reading are asking you not to continue taking on the problems of others, your sympathetic nature tends to see you loan your ear and shoulders to others and their problems without any thought to your own. If you must listen to anothers problems, then ask the angels to protect you and your energy so as not to take on any painful/negative energy.

In your relationships you show great loyalty, but don’t always receive the same in return. Listen to your intuition, don’t be guided by other peoples input. When you go within, trust yourself, you will know whats really right for you, always………

Crystals that are good for you to utilise are Rose Quartz (for heart), Malachite, (for healing) Hematite (to release stress & pain), Amethyst (spirituality & peace) Selenite (to link you to the Universe & your Higher Self).

Goddess Be With You…….. always.

Blessed Be……..

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