Angel Zodiac Reading for Scorpio…… 2014
This Angel Zodiac reading is for the star sign of Scorpio, and what a powerful little star sign it is! This reading brings with it the Arch-Angel Uriel who is asking you to back away a little with what you are trying so hard to achieve…. you are using” the bull in the china shop” effect and it’s not quite working in your favor. The Angels can see that you are aiming for fast results in what-ever this endeavor is but it’s just not going to happen in your time frame.Scorpio Uriel asks that you take a step back and re-access what you are trying to do and not be so hard on the people around you that may be offering advice…… another perspective is what you need right now, take a deep breath and maybe listen to what some-one else is trying to advise you, what do you have to loose? At this point it’s not really working your way.
Scorpio’s can be a bit head strong and can also be outspoken, not that this is a bad trait, as with it you are very honest and know what you want and how to get it! You are very good to those you love and those you consider good friends, but Goddess help any-one that does wrong by you, you can be a bit ruthless……
Another Angel coming thru is Bridgit, she is a very Holy Angel and dedicates her time to helping those who truly help themselves and give of themselves to others without expecting anything in return. For this angel to be here, there must be some-one or some-thing that needs your attention and some selfless help…… she is saying you will know who or what this is, just take some quiet time out and think about it, it will come to you.
Bridgit is also asking you to step out of your comfort zone and experience a form of Spirituality, even if it is only reading a book to start with on the subject of Spirituality, she feels this will spur you on to take the subject further and you will be delighted at how it will open your life up and take you on many life paths.
You are not really happy with your work load at present, whether that is at your place of employment or at home, you need to delegate a bit more, use that Scorpio power and speak up, nicely of course…… as they say “you get more flies with honey!” Just present your case to the powers that be and say what is bothering you and ask if there can be some sort of change or compromise, hopefully in time things will work a little better for you and those around you.
You are a truly powerful Scorpio Soul and life in general is good to you, just remember to give of yourself to help another now and then and the power of Karma will reward you……..
Take care and many Goddess Blessings…..

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