This Angel Zodiac Reading is for Taurus and brings with it the Angels that aid Healing of Body Mind and Soul. This reading is centered strongly around healing that needs to be implemented now in order for you to grow and move into a new phase of your life.
Angel Metatrone wishes to show you how to reconnect with your personal and social life……… you are allowing the pain of personal relationships to engulf you and you are at a loss to work through it. Your family roots are strong and steadfast and this is where you should be looking for rest bite and nurturing. Also your family may surprise you with their heart felt advice and if you open your heart and mind you may find you can adapt some of the advice they are trying to gentle extend to you.
You need to make the decision to find balance in your life instead of procrastinating, you are stronger than you give yourself credit for, Angel Metatrone is asking you to release the past, you cannot change it and it serves you no purpose to continue to hold onto it. Your immune system is struggling under the stress you are putting yourself under, thus your health with also suffer if this stress level continues. You need to strive to shake off the past or at the very least come to terms with it so you can move on with your life.
There is someone waiting in the wings to share their day to day life with you, but first you need to deal with that which holds you back. Create a bridge and give yourself permission to walk over it leaving behind the pain and stress of your past…… take a few deep breaths, smile widely and open your arms to a new horizon!

Angel Rahaba also wishes to bestow healing upon you, especially in matters of the heart……. she is saying that deep within you lies the strength to forgive and let go. Her healing brings with it what you need to renew and start again and to release that which haunts you from your past. She is there to support and guide you through the difficult passage that you will need to take in order to heal. Ask your Angels for help and believe they are there for you, what do you have to loose……..
You are very intelligent and a skilled worker, and you always carry your fair share of the load, but at the moment you are carrying the burden of personal pain that needs to be released to the Universe. Socially, your friends are close confidants but you tend to keep your problems to yourself…….. there is a particular friend that knows what your going through and is ready to help or at the very least, sit and listen.

Arch-Angel Raphael is urging you to take time out, go on a short holiday, preferably somewhere near the ocean as your heart and soul require the healing essence that comes from the great ocean…….. find time to sit quietly and Meditate by the water, let all your pain come to a point, feel it, acknowledge it and then release it without malice or regret. Raphael wants you to know that in order to maintain strong energy and good health you must be ready to release that which holds you back.
Your life force is strong, full and waiting to burst forth into new modalities and life lessons…….. you have so much awaiting you, it’s up to you to make the decision to move forward. You have full understanding of what makes us as human beings tick and that a lot of us have short comings, but in order for you to grow, you need to find within you the strength to forgive those who have hurt you and held you back. The Law of Karma has a unique way of sorting things out, good and bad, so be brave enough to forgive and release.
Arch-Angel Raphael is there for you when you need him, just ask and he will help you if it is in your best interest, he is one of the Great Healing Angels and only asks that you trust him with your well being.
Crystals that would be of assistance to you at this time would be any of the green crystals as they are good for healing and re-aligning. These would be green calcite, moss agate, bloodstone, malachite, aquamarine. also the gentle moonstone crystal would be good as well.
Take care of yourself, free yourself from the painful bonds that bind you, and strive to find the best life has to offer…… it’s all there, you just have to move forward and be happy once again.
Goddess Blessings……… Blessed Be.

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