This Angel Zodiac Reading is for Virgo, the sign for September………. This reading brings with it the Arch-Angel Michael and he is coming thru very strongly bringing with him Protection for the reader. For reasons unknown to me, the emphasis is Protection from every direction. He shows that you have struggled immensely through-out this year with many facets of daily life and you are not sure really why!
Love has been painful and you tend to be keeping it at arm’s length, but you are missing out on some special people that are waiting and wanting to come into your life…….. VirgoIt is really up to you to decide when the time is right to open your heart once again and trust that you do deserve love and to be loved.
Talk to Michael and ask him for inspiration and at the same time protection for your heart, he is here to help you and show you that you can trust again. The warning here is to take your time and don’t rush in…… you tend to lead with your heart and maybe that has been your un-doing in the past. You tend to lay all your cards on the table to quickly and leave yourself open to being taken for granted, step back a bit and survey the situation as it unfolds…. listen to your intuition, not your heart…… take a deep breathe in and take your time, don’t be pushed or led into a situation that really doesn’t feel altogether real or right.
Another Angel here for you is Bethany….. she is a tiny darling who moves thru our lives like a whisper or a beautiful butterfly. She is here to guide you on your daily path for the next few months, to show you light when you are feeling sad and alone. She asks that when you feel this way to visualize a light mauve colored cloud in your mind and to see a small butterfly come gently into the mauve cloud and lift your burden to the heavens where awaiting angels will banish it for you.
Bethany asks that when you close your eyes at night to sleep, visualize the mauve cloud again and just before you drift off to sleep, heap your days problems and fears onto the cloud and as you see them hop on the cloud one by one, the mauve color will deepen to a rich purple color and lift from your drowsy mind to be dispersed and leave you peaceful.
Both these Angels are here for you, all you need to do is ask, visualize and trust. The crystals Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Moonstone will be helpful to you….. you can put them under your pillow as you sleep and carry them with you as you go about your day.
Many Blessings, The Angel are with you……

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